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Cynthia Nielsen is an eclectic resource with nature based tools for a busy world.  Growing up on the Guadalupe River and the Rocky Mountains has fueled her desire to
teach & share
learn & grow


Bodywork sessions are available.
Intuitive Yoga classes weekely in Crestone



Bodywork & Massage
Stones Massage


trigger point therapy,

hot river rocks, 

scalp massage,

and reflexology

Call/text for Appointments: 719-298-0360

75 minutes - $125

Available locations:



Personal Yoga Therapy Sessions 

schedule via text or email

$99 per hour

Yoga therapy sessions are available in your home or at Valley View Hot Springs

combined yoga and bodywork sessions available


Mondays 10-11:15 

Little Shepherd in Crestone, CO

All experience levels welcome



Woman in Lotus Pose
Aquatic Massage


Safe nurturing container to surrender at the deepest level -


a transcendent experience

Personal Sessions  

scheduled via text or email


  • Supports natural breathing

  • Facilitates deep tranquil sleep

  • Opens, unblocks and activates our internal homeostasis/balance.

  • Regain flexibility and mobility 


Jennifer McCarter

Denver, CO

"How beautiful is the serendipity of each choice - with a massage in April, connection with your energy, WiseWomen in July - peaceful, restorative, intimate, nurturing connection with our common spirits"

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