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Cynthia Nielsen founded RadiantFlow to share personalized yoga instruction, integrative bodywork, and aquatic massage in the San Luis Valley of Colorado and beyond.

Cynthia offers WiseOne Yoga Retreats

Discover more about aquatic massage and bodywork offered at Valley View Hot Springs-Orient Land Trust at www.olt.org located in South Central Colorado, three hours southwest of Denver.


Bodywork & Massage


trigger point therapy,

hot river rocks, 

scalp massage,

and reflexology

Call/text for Appointments: 719-298-0360

75 minutes - $125

Available locations:



Personal Yoga Therapy Sessions 

schedule via text or email

$99 per hour

Yoga therapy sessions are available in your home or at Valley View Hot Springs

combined yoga and bodywork sessions available


Mondays 10-11:15 

Little Shepherd in Crestone, CO

All experience levels welcome



Aquatic Massage


Safe nurturing container to surrender at the deepest level -


a transcendent experience

Personal Sessions  

scheduled via text or email


  • Supports natural breathing

  • Facilitates deep tranquil sleep

  • Opens, unblocks and activates our internal homeostasis/balance.

  • Regain flexibility and mobility 


Jennifer McCarter

Denver, CO

"How beautiful is the serendipity of each choice - with a massage in April, connection with your energy, WiseWomen in July - peaceful, restorative, intimate, nurturing connection with our common spirits"

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