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About Me

Cynthia "Cynn" grew up along the Guadalupe River in South Central Texas. As an extra sensitive, being near, in or around water has continued to attract and support her. 

Her grandma Honey had a lake house that was my reprieve from city life.

Boating, skiing and swimming were integral to my early years.

She began my love of the Rockies when I was knee-high. Her great aunt and uncle

have cabins inside the Rocky Mt Natl Park. "authentically in love with Mother Nature",

Cynn found her dharma offering bodywork and aquatic therapy at Hot Springs in

NW Montana and Colorado over the last twenty years.


With immense great fortune and gratitude, she now resides with her beloved Scott McCumber,

Miss Wonder Kitty and Ollie in the Sangre de Cristo's near Crestone, Colorado.


WiseWomen Yoga Retreats have been a focus for sharing her love of movement and connection

to the Natural World. Yoga, Qigong, Bodywork & Watsu open doors for others and fulfill a deep

passion of service.

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